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How I Can Help You Cut 10-20 Hours Off Your Work Week In The Next 30-45 Days, Guaranteed.

Discover The Simple Framework That's Helped Over 800 Service Business Owners Empower Their Teams, And Systemize Themselves Out Of The Daily Operations

What We Will Cover:

1. How To Make Delegating Your $10 Tasks A Breeze Using This Secret "Starbucks Inspired" Strategy

2. Use These 3 Levers To Free Up 10-15 Hours Per Week Within The Next 30 Days

3. A "Behind The Scenes" Look At How I Run Multiple 7-8 Figure Service Businesses Remotely From Our Home On Vancouver Island

What We Will Cover:

1) The REAL Risk Of Having A Business And Team That Completely Relies On You

2) The Little Known Strategy Used By Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos That's Helped Them Achieve Record-Setting Growth

3) The 4 Deadly Mistakes That Are Keeping Most Business Owners Stuck In The Weeds And Chained To The Office

4) How I'm Able To Run Multiple 7-8 Figure Businesses Remotely From My Home Office On Vancouver Island

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